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Congratulations on securing your place the Import Lifestyle One Day Event with Brendan Elias. As a reward for taking action we’d like to offer you an incredibly valuable gift. It is a huge discount (over 70%) on a brand new video course I put together called “The Essential Importing Toolkit for Beginners”.
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“The Essential Importing Toolkit for Beginners”

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This course is jam packed full of vital insider information to make your journey as an importer faster and more successful.

From tips on buying and selling to the latest information on importing and managing your business this information will turn you into a professional importer in less time.

Each lesson is in easy to digest sections so you get the information fast without getting dragged down.

This program normally sells for $227, however to say thank you for joining us and to give you a head-start, we are offering this training at a huge discount – just $67 for all 15 powerful lessons.

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“The 10 Hottest Products For Huge Profits”

You’ll also receive a video series showcasing 10 of the products we believe are about to take off. Watch this before you attend the seminar and you’ll already know which products you might want to import and sell on Amazon.

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Normally $227 Today Only $67!