Finding the Right Drop Shippers

To find the right drop shippers, the Internet is an effective resource. However, there are a lot of swindlers out there. So, here are some precautionary measures which you need to keep in mind while you go online finding the right drop shippers:

  • Verify how old the site is. Online drop shippers and wholesalers may run out of business because they find it hard to succeed or because they are plain bogus. So, you must be on guard. Visit Enter your supplier’s full URL in the search bar. Look into the Registry Data and click on “Created”. This way, you can find out when the site was created. Use only sites that have already been registered for 2 years or more.
  • Check if they charge extra fees. Legitimate drop shippers only require you to pay for the products you are selling. Usually, drop shippers charge you with account setup fees. This may not be good for sellers at all. But please do understand that suppliers need time to arrange and include you as their clients. What you should avoid though are companies that obligate you to pay monthly subscriptions fees or other similar fees.
  • In any type of business, customer service is really essential, particularly in times of crisis like when a package has not arrived on the said date or some items are damaged. Unfortunately, customer service is frequently ignored. Sending a simple test email tells you about the quality of service that you and your customers will get from a company. So, start by sending emails and inquire about minimum quantity order, and others. When you do get a response, find how long it took them to reply and assess also of how the answers are given.
  • Inquire about warranties, guarantees, and shipping policies and return policies.

Here’s a list of the ways to help you find the right drop shippers:

  • Internet research. Searching online is full of uncertainties but if you try hard enough, you will reap the benefits in no time. So, try searching online by using keywords like your product’s and drop shipper’s names. But do take note that the websites of the right suppliers are not always found on the first few pages of search results.
  • Trade Magazines. Since distributors and manufacturers pay advertising pages on thse magazine, these are great opportunities for you to find their current contact details. To look for trade magazines in your area, just visit Yahoo’s Business directory.
  • ThomasNet. When you are looking for components of just about anything (e.g. boot heels, oven toaster components, seals, etc.), ThomasNet provides you with a useful and comprehensive online listing of distributors and manufacturer. You can also look into the global register, Thomas Global.
  • Paid Directories. You can find a comprehensive list of highly-regarded suppliers at SaleHoo. However, there are plenty of fraudulent paid directories out there. It’s really depressing that users have to pay an access fee and find nothing but outdated and unreliable links which may even ask for money.
  • Trade Shows. You can find outstanding drop shippers in trade shows. However, only reputable and well-experienced retailers can join trade shows. So, you better strive hard to show some sales figures, business card and tax ID.

In some, research is indeed a big help. If you take shortcuts in researching, you will only lose your biggest battle because of fraudulent companies or you just have not found the right prices that drive you to accelerating profits.