As your business expands, product supply also becomes essential each day. As days go by, you’ll learn that having at least two sources for each product is necessary for a consistent re-stock system. Huge quantities of products generally come from wholesale suppliers. Wholesale supply comes in two types:

• Bulk Lots. From the name itself, bulk lots pertain to the purchasing of large quantities at regular intervals from the supplier. Then, the goods are sent to you so you can store, package and post them for selling.

• Drop Shipping. You have to pay for goods which you’ve seen or touched. These goods are packaged and posted straight to the customer in your behalf.

To find wholesalers, you can resort to directories. You have to remember that legitimate wholesalers do not go an extra mile to look for business from low-volume sellers like eBay sellers. They possibly won’t have their websites optimized for generic keywords like wholesale supplier. If you can find a way to contact them, then they might conduct business with you. So, be cautious about that sites that come in Google’s search results for “wholesale suppliers”. There’s a greater possibility that they may be illegitimate.

The only thing is, eBay users already know about these sites. You can get good deals but if you try to find and approach a wholesaler on your own, you can really get the best deals you’ve ever wanted. As days go, you may already feel comfortable and confident, so do start looking for wholesalers through cold calling.

As you contact a wholesaler, take note of the following:

• For bulk orders, do you have a good storage for your stocks?
• Or would you choose drop shipping?
• To ensure that you have good monthly supplies that meet the wholesale supplier’s demands, what quantities will you purchase?
• It’s alright to purchase from smaller wholesalers as they easily do business with you. Remember that they do need you as well. But when your business grows, you might be having a hard time to keep up with peak sales seasons.
• Duration of product re-stocking
• Weight or volume of your items. If you’re into furniture or large volumes, it might be hard to handle things without a drop shipper.
• Purchase one or two products. This way, you can test the quality for yourself and see if they do make sales in eBay.
Wholesalers may be hesitant to open an account for new sellers. But if your business has been around for some time already, you can easily find yourself a wholesale supplier. Since you’re no longer new to the business, you can confidently answer the following questions:
• What other products are you selling?
• Who are your customers?
• How much is your expected monthly sales?
• How long have you been doing business? And so on.

Remember, you have to ensure that you do not blow up the stocks you sell so that the wholesaler takes on your side. If you have plenty of stocks, you might be having problems in the long run!