Hi, Brendan Elias here. Now my question to you is what is your importing rank? Are you a private? Are you a corporal? Are you a major? Are you a lieutenant? Are you a general? Now let’s have a bit of fun here because you can look at importing as having different ranks in the military.

When you first start, of course in military you’re a private. And your first move in importing is to communicate with the supplier. That would be your first stripe there.

The second thing you do is to receive a sample that is your next stripe. The third thing is to place your first order with your factory and of course, if you wanna have your fourth stripe, then you need to go to China. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but in 6 to 12 months, consider coming here to the China Canton Fair to meet suppliers and find new products to import directly from China to sell for your online business.

¬†And of course, maybe one day you wanna graduate to become a general. And a general of course is when you’ve imported your first, second, third 40-foot container.

So I ask you what your rank is right now. And what rank do you want to achieve? Let’s have a bit of fun here and let me know exactly how you go in your importing journey as you move through the ranks.

I’m Brendan Elias, I hope you found that tip a bit of fun and helpful and lookout for more tips and good luck with starting your importing business.