Hi Brendan here. Now the question I’m gonna answer for you today is how do we get over the hump of starting your importing business. Understand that it’s the starting that stops most people. There are 5 points to consider; the first thing is understand that you’re human and you will make mistakes. It’s a business like any other, there’s gonna be some risks and you will make some errors along the way.

I started this business 15 years ago and I made a lot of mistakes along the way but as you go through the process, you’re gonna get better and better and better. And point number 2 is that understand there is a learning curve and as you go through it, your performance and your success is going to improve. Point number 3 is be prepared to fail. That is very likely going to happen, not every day, not every month but once in a while you’re gonna make mistakes. Maybe the shipment didn’t come out exactly as you ordered. Maybe the supplier that you used didn’t send you the sample and these things happen in the business.

Next thing to understand is be prepared to lose a little bit of money in this business. If you’re not prepared to put down a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars on stock and the world will end if you lose it then this is probably not the business for you. You do need to make a couple investment and often just putting a little in to get started will help you grow and grow and grow. The next point is this, near enough is good enough. You don’t want to be a perfectionist in this business. Remember, 80% is good enough. If you try and get everything a 100% then you’ll never ever gonna get started.

The best importers I’ve ever seen, the people who make the most money are those who have an idea, they take massive action and then they let the chips fall where they meant. They take care of the down side as best they can, understand that some things are gonna happen that they can’t control but they leave the rest to the upside. And if you take care of the downside, the upside will look after itself. So I hope you found that helpful. Remember, don’t hesitate, get started and start building your importing business. I hope that’s useful, there’s gonna be some more tips coming. Look out for them.