Hi, Brendan here from China Import Formula. Now, the question I get more often than not from people is, “Where do I go to find my products to import directly from China?” Well, there’s two answers to this. One, is your trade fairs and secondly, at your online site.

Firstly, let’s start with the trade fairs. So, the main trade fair is the China Canton Fair where I’m at now which is held in April and October. There are three phases where you have thousands of suppliers offering millions of different products. You can come here and find virtually anything you want. Also, if you wanna buy things in small quantities, in more wholesale or retail quantities, you go up to the Yiwu Market which is also in China. Now, they’re your main market that you can go to. That would be more than enough to find anything that you need.

But, the other recommendations I have is where do you go if you wanna stay home in your local market? If you’re Australian, you’re in the US, you’re in New Zealand, wherever you area without actually travelling, where can you go? Well, the three sites we recommend to go to are:,, and You go there, you can find virtually anything that you could ever want.

So, that should be more than enough places to go to start your search in finding your product. Wish you every success and stay tuned for some more tips.